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Our goal is to connect physiotherapists from all over the world. By connecting with each other we can learn from one another and increase knowledge in our profession!

Physiotherapy is a difficult profession and lots of physiotherapists feel the need for more guidance and support in their jobs. During Physio school, we are guided and supported through our teachers and internships, but after graduation, you get thrown into the deep end with a new patient in front of you every 30 minutes. We are expected to immediately be the “expert”. Many new grads feel insecure, anxious and definitely not an expert. We wanted to help these physiotherapists with a platform where they can find guidance and support more easily.


Connecting physio mentees with physio mentors. It’s easy and free to sign up. All you have to do is make an account and tell a bit about yourself and what you want to improve on.

After you sign up, you can start searching for a potential mentor. Here you can use keywords to help narrow down your search. When you have found one, you can contact the mentor, make your payment for his/her time and schedule an appointment for a video call. During the video call, you and your mentor can work specifically on your individual needs so your job will be a bit easier and enjoyable.

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For mentors, this is also a great opportunity to share knowledge and expertise. This will help our profession progress faster than ever before. Let’s make this change together and improve our profession from within!

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