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About Me

I have 14 years (and counting) of experience as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist and take a specialist interest in the assessment and management of the anterior knee.

I gained my PhD from Queen Mary University of London in 2019 and my BSc/MSc from the University of Hertfordshire (2006/2011).

My clinical/academic role gives me a unique approach to patient management, blending my own scientific research, appraisal of the wider scientific literature and my clinical experience.

I invite you to bring a case discussion forwards, be it an acute episode or a persistent case that is not responding to your usual approach. Together, we will go through both subjective and objective assessment, prognostic goal setting and optimal rehabilitation. We will keep a constant focus on the scientific literature, supplemented by our combined clinical experience as required.

Once we are finished, you should have a clearer grasp of the evidence informed care required to best rehabilitate your patient.

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