Dianna Howell
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I have been a Physiotherapist for 35 years. I own 3 practices in Canberra, Australia and have 10 staff. I also have a business partner. I spend most of my days, working on the practice, developing relationships and mentoring others. I am also a chartered manager through the institute of managers and leaders and completed a leadership course in 2018. I am keen to help others to bring these skills into their practices including developing an inspirational purpose and values to help anchor you in the time when things get tough. I can also help with performance or relationship difficulties with your team. I can help with strategy and thinking outside of the "box" to help you achieve a point of difference that will set you apart from your competitors. I also work clinically in the area of persistent pain and can provide mentoring and support on how to develop these skills within your practice. They are not much different to leadership skills actually. You can read my blog here:

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